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This term we had been looking forward to introducing the children (and teachers) to coding using Discovery Coding. Unfortunately, circumstances mean that it won’t quite launch the way we wanted it to…so as we are all resilient we will give the children home access to the website. The login details will be sent to your child using the school Class Dojo system, so keep an eye out for it.

If you click the following link it will take you to the correct website where at the top right of the screen you will see ‘Login’ to click on. Select ‘Coding’ and type in the user name and password.

The site is split in to Block Coding, Python and HTML. Block Coding is the place to start and has 6 levels. Each level has 9+ lessons each with a video introduction showing you what you have to do as well as a lesson plan. Each level progressively introduces different elements of coding and language. You are also able to free code to create your own app once you are confident in how it all works.

Have a go at this to see how you all get on (generally the levels equal the year group of your child so level 1 is Year 1, but there are no limits on what you and your child can achieve)


Other Activities:

See below for ideas for Computing activities that the children could complete. Let your teacher know what you have done through Class Dojo, and you'll get some house points for your hard work!

Hour of Code