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Wordsworth Primary School


Primary School

Class Dojo

Wordsworth will be using this website to allocate house points for the children who are completing tasks and sending them to their teachers. Each child who was at school on the last day was given a QR code to access the site. Those children who were off have been sent 6 letter codes to gain access, through the parents side of Class Dojo. These codes are live for 48 hours but after that you will need a new code which your class teacher can issue.

Teachers will look at all the work a child sends in and will approve and comment on most of it. We will comment positively, but will also suggest ways a child can improve or extend their work through editing, correcting or further research, just like we do when your child is at school.

If you are struggling to sign up to Class Dojo as a parent and you have not had an invite in your emails, please use the instructions below to log-in and then search for your child's class.

For any other Class Dojo problems help can be found here for the children:

And here for parents: