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Have a go at making a viking boat, an axe or a helmet>  The patterns are below.


We've read some brilliant dragon stories and seen some of your amazing pictures.  Today in art, I thought we would learn to draw some dragons.  I've put the links to three different types of dragons below.  Choose your favourite and have a go!  Don't forget to colour them in whatever colour you think you're dragon would be! (cartoon dragon) (cute baby dragon) (more realistic dragon)


Today, you could try following a video tutorial to draw Sonic the Hedeghog

or Pikachu

or Ariel the Little Mermaid

I've also put an idea for a sunflower painting in the files below.


Here are a couple more ideas of creative things to do, if you want some ideas of things to try.

You could make a corner bookmark to keep your place in a book.  Make sure you choose the animal you want, and don't print out the whole document!

There is also a flexitangle to colour and then try to make.


23/4/20  Here is a couple of ideas for some art work you can create at home.  Firstly there is a Titanic picture project (information in the file below).  

Secondly, back in 2016, Marwell Zoo created a colourful sculpture trail around Southampton of different painted zebras.  Wordsworth children created William who is still in the entrance to the school today!.  They have suggested that children could create their own Zany Zebra to put in their window for children to spot on their daily walk.  If you want you can share your designs to the Marwell Zoo Facebook page using the hashtag #ZanyZebrasAtHome along with your favourite zebra fact!

Download the colouring sheet here: or the file is attached at the bottom of the page.