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Active activities!

Welcome to the Active activities page! It is important to do some physical activity everyday. We will post a new idea every Monday to help you stay healthy, but you can do any activity you like on any day.
Remember to stay safe - make sure you have a clear, safe space to do any indoor activities and follow government guidelines and ask your grown-ups about any outdoor activities.


Hello Year 4, 

Hope you are all staying safe and learning some new skills or games. To help you enjoy your time at home and improve your football skills, follow the link below to get some great football game ideas! My personal favourite has to be 'Soccer Golf'

I hope you enjoy trying these out. We look forward to seeing your Active Activities this week!


Happy Monday Year 4! 

Your active activity this week is called Move to the Beat. Download the attached instructions '11.05.20 - Move to the Beat' and watch this video: 

Once you have completed that, try the harder one '11.05.20 - Move to the Beat Extravaganza'

Choose your favourite music and enjoy! Dancing is a great way of staying active and having some fun! Bonus Dojo points for getting grown ups involved :) 


Hello Year 4! This week, we are going to be joining in with the Hampshire School Games Daily Challenge! This is a very exciting timetable of activities that lots of children are getting involved with all across Hampshire and Isle of Wight! 

Watch the video to get a taste of what this is about!

We are a little behind on this, so to get us up to speed, we are going to start on Week 5. Download the attachment called '04.05.2020 -Wk 5 Primary Physical Activity Challenges' below and see if you can complete each daily activity! This also includes a warm-up activity (important and fun) and a table for you to record your results in. 

It's all about beating your own personal best, so on Friday, you repeat all of the challenges from the week and see if you have improved! 

Send us pictures, videos and your filled in results table! Dojo points will be up for grabs! 

Parents can follow any of the latest challenges on social media:

Twitter: @newforestssp         or               @HampshireSGO


Facebook:  @HampshireSGO            or         search 'Hampshire SGO's'

Let's get active! 


This week's active activity comes straight from Mr Ellis and is a cricket one! This is an area of sport that I (Mrs Cochrane) am not the best at. So I will join in too! Start with week one's task and if you enjoy it and feel you want to try another challenge, move on to the next week! If you don't have a cricket/tennis ball, don't worry (neither do I), you can always use some socks, balled up (preferably not smelly ones though), or maybe an orange or bunch up some paper! You may need to get creative! If you are doing this activity inside, make sure the ball you use is not too hard and that you have plenty of space.

Just click the link below and give it a go (you may need to scroll down a bit once on the link).


Happy Monday everyone! Hope you have all had a lovely Easter break. I know that some of you will be missing being able to play football with your friends. So for this weeks Active Activity we would like you to brush up some of your football skills by doing some indoor drills!

Watch the link and give it a go!

Doing this everyday will improve your control and upgrade your skills! You could record yourself each day to see the progress you are making. Let us know how it is going on Dojo. 

Remember to keep safe! Make a little bit of space in your house to practise these everyday. And, as the video says, do each drill at a slow pace to begin with. As you practise, you will get faster! 


Let's try something new for this week's active activities. The links below will take you on a different yoga adventure. Yoga is a great way to enhance your strength, coordination and flexibility. It is also really good for your mind, helping you to stay calm and relaxed. Plus, these cosmic yoga videos follow a fun story! I have recommended a few that I think you will enjoy :) Have fun and stay active!

Harry Potter yoga:

Minecraft yoga:

Roald Dahl- The Twits yoga:

Trolls yoga:


Let's get active!

Joe Wicks (The Body Coach) is doing P.E. lessons every weekday at 9am. Yesterday he had over 900,000 viewers!

Join in this morning by visiting:

If you miss the live one at 9:00, you can still join in... it just won't be live. Let us know how you found it. Which is your favourite move? Challenge yourself to do it every day and notice how good it feels to get active! Extra challenge, get your family joining in too.

19.03.2020 - Today's activity...

Click the attachment below called '19.03.2020 Supermovers_ActiveHomes'. Read through the slides and try out some of the indoor activities with your family.