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Wordsworth Primary School


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Winchester Science Museum and Planetarium!

I went to Winchester Science Museum on the 2nd of October 2019. We took teo coaches and I was on the double decker one (IT WAS AMAZING!).

As soon as we arrived we put our bags into an immense, see through box that had "Wordsworth Primary School" written on it. After that it was time to go and see the space planetarium. We went in and it was really dark and we sat in our chairs. A lady called Meg was showing us load of constellations, planets, rules of the dwarf planets, galaxies and loads more cool stuff! The planetarium was a dome shape room and it had a round machine which spun when the controller was pressed by Meg.

Now we had our workshop. We were testing all about light in space and if we built a satellite in space, what would we make it with? (To be honest, this wasn't the best part).

I love this next bit because... IT WAS TIME FOR LUNCH! We ate for about half an hour and then it was time to explore. We had half an hour upstairs and half an hour downstairs doing different things. My favourite part was the running races because normally at school people can cheat, but you couldn't cheat there!

My most favourite thing was the Planetarium.

- Kerthanaa Ketheswaran