About us


Welcome to Wordsworth Primary School! After a period of rapid expansion since our new school building was opened in 2013, our growth is now slowing with only one new class this year taking us to almost 600 children in 20 classes. Next year we will be full with 630 children with three classes for every year group. We are fortunate to have extensive grounds for play and sports provision with an environmental area that includes a pond, forest area and fire pit. We have a committed and highly professional staff team and a vibrant school community with active governors and parent support.

We pride ourselves in creating a very calm and purposeful learning environment and although we are a big school we often intrigue our visitors who always comment on the positive behaviour and attitude of our children and how quiet the school is considering our numbers … lunch times can be nosier as we let off steam but then there is a trail, climbing apparatus, table tennis, a range of clubs and football!

At Wordsworth we are passionate and aspirational about the learning of all our children and we have high expectations for learning and progress. We value and nurture the creativity and difference in every child and fundamentally believe in a holistic approach to education combining a resolute focus on the core subjects of Reading, Writing and maths along with an expansive topic based curriculum and our ‘Creative Child’ strategy. Ofsted’s chief inspector, Amanda Spielman, said recently:

education should be about broadening minds, enriching communities and advancing civilisation. Ultimately, it is about leaving the world a better place than we found it.

We now employ specialist teachers for Music and Instrument teaching with two choirs and a school orchestra, Environmental Studies, Dance and Sports Coaching all within the school day. Put simply, it is our ambition for every child to develop a passion for at least one of these areas by the time they reach Year 4. In addition we offer a range of after school sports activities and school clubs including Rock Challenge, Philosophy, Maths, Art, Athletics, Football, Cross Country Running, American Football, Netball and a variety of Dance options.

This approach is expressed more fully in our school vision which was developed by all the staff and the governors. This year, as every year, the staff discuss and reflect on the school vision on our first INSET day. Our vision can be found on both the Mission page and the Information for Parents page. But asked to sum up our vision in one sentence we say …

‘Celebrating the individual and building a team’

Finally, we were very pleased with our recent Ofsted Report which not only confirmed us as a ‘Good’ school but included very many positive comments and references to the way we support and care for the children, the well-rounded and holistic approach to education and learning that we believe in, along with the strong team and collective culture.  The full report can be found on this website but here is one short extract from the Inspector’s report:

The school gives a well-rounded education that ensures pupils thrive. The broad range of interesting activities enables all-round development for pupils. The support for pupils’ well-being is very strong. This is valued and appreciated by pupils and parents alike. Parents praise the caring nature of the school and many comment on how their child has benefited from the school’s support. Pupils enjoy school and are making good progress from their starting points.

We are proud of our children, our staff and the strength in our school community. If you would like to talk to us about a place for your child at our school please do contact the school office.

Rick Page

Head teacher